Sunday, July 26, 2009

Being A Senior

Hi all! We meet again in my blog for this week. First, I want to say happy holiday to all my friends at UiTM. Hope you all used this holiday for doing a good thing. Okay, in this time I want to share with all of you about my next topic that is ‘Being A Senior’. Everybody have different story when they being a senior right? I am in Part 3 for the second years in UiTM Segamat. I feel like I am still in Part 1 right now, but in fact I have junior in Part 1 and Part 2.

I am studied in UiTM almost one and a half year. I get many experience and memories here with my junior and senior. They all are my friends too even we are not in the same age and part. We are enjoy and have a good relationship with each other. Being a senior make me feel proud. I feel that people not always staring at me like I am in Part 1 last year. When I become a senior, junior will respect me as their senior. It is different to me when I am in Part 2. Even I am a senior for Part 1 student, they all are in the same age with me. So that, I am not really a truly senior last semester.

Moreover, I have a sweet memory when I arrived in UiTM Segamat, I have seen that many of my college full with Part 1 student. My friends have told me that Part 1 in this semester is about 1400 student. They all were live at my college in sector B because sector A are in renovation. In my wing, there is only one Part 1 student and a few Part 2 students, the Part 1 junior is quite and shy person. Then, Part 2 junior are talk active person. Here, we all are like sisters. We are like already know each other for a long time, maybe it is because we are at the same age. In this semester, I do not really know about junior Part 1 so much, but I know about junior Part 2 better. This is because most of the junior Part 1 is place at block C Zamrud’s college, but I am at block D Zamrud’s college. However, I know some Part 1 junior.

Bare in my mind, I still remember there is one day when I am on the way to go to the class, then suddenly there is junior Part 1 that says greeting to me with politely manner, I was a little shock and reply them with smiling. In my mind, they are a good junior. However, there is some junior that so rude to senior, they are not even respect to senior and some of them make fun of their senior.

Being a senior make me think of how much senior can influence junior by showing them a good role model of senior, so junior can follow. Senior is like a mirror for junior, it is same in the academic that is a hardworking senior will influence them for study and get a good result, and it will arise the UiTM as a university that produce best and good quality of student.

Lastly, I am happy being a senior. I will to be a good senior for my entire junior. Insha’Allah. Welcome to UiTM Segamat for all of Part 1 student and I wish good luck for them. May all of them success at UiTM Segamat. To all my friends that always encourage me and also to my lecturer, wishing you all success greatly, may Allah bless you all. Amin. Okay, see again for the next topic soon. Bye all.