Sunday, August 9, 2009

My D3D2 Classmate

Hi everybody! We meet again in this entry. I will continue my blog with topic my D3D2 classmate. I have joined this group in part 2. Part 1 I was in D1D1 group. I do not really know about D3D2 guys because they not in same class with me in last two semester. I want to apologize with D3D2 guys if I do not really know about you all. I will try to know more about you all after this.

I will comment first about D3D2 boys.

1)Hafiz Malik- He is active in his club and associate for Irama clubs. He is so brilliant and always gets higher mark in class. He is a nice person that can be friends with everybody.

(2)Dhamiri- He is a tough person. He always be a target for Cik Arfah in QMT subjects. He looks like a brave person.

(3)Afiq- He is a handsome boy and smart boy. He is a quiet and shy person in class. Even though he is quiet, he is a hardworking person. He can take his responsible very well.

(4)Zaki- He is a brilliant and smart person. He is a hardworking person and do not like to skip any class. That's why he can get dean list every semester. He looks like a responsible person and a good student.

(5)Kashfi- He is a tall person in my class. He always want to be a perfect person. He is a smart and handsome guy. He is a quite talk active person and like to mix around with other people.

(6)Ruzaini (Evra)- He is a gentleman. He likes to ask question if he not understand about something, especially QMT subject. He looks like talk active person because he comfortable to talk with everyone in class.

(7)Hafiz (Frankie)- He is a quiet person in class.

(8)Syukri- He is a kind person. He is a closely friend with Evra. He is active guy in curriculum because he is a commander.

Next, I will comment about D3D2 girls.

(1)Suatika- She is my close friend. We know about each other very closely last semester. She is one of my group members for speaking. She is a quiet person in class but when she in our group member she like to make jokes. I am comfortable to be her friends. She is a kind hearted person. She is fanatic with Hujan’s band.

(2)Leen- She is my close friend too. I know her in part 1 in Ko-Kesatria. She was joined PEREKAD last two semester. She has a loud voice that is a favorite voice for Miss DD last semester. She like to help people in trouble. She is a talk active person and like to make people laughs with her jokes.

(3)Hanis- She is a sweet and kind person. She is always wear ‘Baju Kurung’ to go to class. She is a sweet lady when wearing it. Her personality is good and nice. She is a hardworking person.

(4)Nadia- She is a talk-active person. She likes to speak and making jokes. Everybody will comfortable to speak with her in class and every way her going. Her face is looks like a happy person without any problems but she is serious in study.

(5)Nisa- She is a quiet person in class but she is a smart girl, especially in calculation subject. She is a good looking person. She is a hardworking person and serious in study.

(6)Farah- She is a smart person. She get dean list every semester. She is a hardworking student and she is a helpful person that always helps people when have a problem in any subjects.

(7)Siti- She is a nice person. She is closely with Sina, Alin and Liyana.

(8)Sina- She is cute and kind person. She also is a humble person.

(9)Suriyyah- She is a nice person.

(10)Faina- She is a cute person and like to smile. She is a smart girl because she get dean list every semester. She is my close friends. I know her since part 1 because she is my ex-wing mate in part 1 and we get same classes with me in part 2 and part 3. She like cat very much! She is caring and kind person. She likes to buy cat’s food and give it to every cat that she found in her college area.

(11)Nana- She is the first one I know when I get Uitm Johor for intake July-November 2008. She is a nice and sweet person.

(12)Hasrita- She is a cute person. She has a twin at Uitm Kelantan that really have same face with her.

(13)Hidayah- She is a talk-active person but she is a kind person.

(14)Liyana- She is a nice person. She is a free hair student. I like to look her wear 'tudung' because, for me she have a sweet and beautiful face. If she wearing the 'tudung' she will be a very nice and sweet girls. Furthermore, she is a smart girl in class and expert in speaking and writing in English.

(16)Shima- she is a sweet person.

(17)Amira- she is a talk-active person.