Saturday, August 29, 2009

My favourite hobby

Assalamualaikum.. Hi everybody! How are you there? Hope you're fine always. Alhamdulillah I can publish my next blog today. First of all, I want to thank to all of you that like and faithful with my entry in my blog.

Lets I show to you all my favourite hobby. I like beads. I use beads to my 'Baju Kurung' and 'Baju Kebaya'. It can make the cloth are beautiful. If the fabric is none of decorative design and we decorate with beads on it, it will become beautiful and unique.This fabric are decorate with beads in the part of hand. We can matching the two colour of beads that is gold and soft blue colours. It is interesting right?..This is 'Baju Kebaya'. The beads is design with Daisy flower's that make it from two colour of beads. White cream and pink colours.

I like to sew beads in any type of fabric and cloth. This is my favourite hobby since I am in standard six. I learn it from my aunt when I have free time during school holiday, I went to her boutique and I learn it from there. Until now I still go there to get more experience because of my favourite hobby to learn it details.

Moreover, when I sew it and practice it I feel satisfied with my own effort to design the beads on my cloth or people cloth. From this hobby, I do it in weekend or in semester break at home if I have free time. On the other hand, I do part time with make it as my job at home. I can achieve about Rm200 per week if the design are simple for me to do it.

Many design that I can sew and I learn from my aunt. For example, I will show you the design at below:

This is design of beads at a part of 'Baju Kebaya' hands.

This is design of beads at a part of 'Baju Kurung' hands and on the flower of cloth.
This is pyramid design of beads at a part of 'Baju Kurung' hands.

This is the design of beads at a part of modern 'Baju Kurung' neck. This design take about 2 days to complete it.This is the design that make it at cloth from apply it as a 'Baju Kurung' or 'Baju Kebaya'.

I really interest of this things. This is my favourite hobby and from this hobby I can apply it to open my own business soon. Insyaallah.