Saturday, September 5, 2009

Childhood Memories of Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum to all members. At this moment, I want to wish Happy Ramadhan to all of Muslims. I hope you all can achieve to fast full one month in Ramadhan for this year. Amin.

I was started to fast at 7 years old. Fasting is hard at that time. Lets I tell you my childhood memories of Ramadhan for my first year fasting. At that time, I was not really hungry but I feel thirsty. I am still fasting even I feel thirsty because my mom and my dad was promise me to give rewards to me if I can fasting full 30 days for one month of Ramadhan.

I get fasting for the whole Ramadhan. So everyday I will join 'sahur' with my family and wake up early in the morning to having breakfast, eventhough breakfast is not used to me but my mom want me have it for energy during the day.

When waiting for maghrib, my dad will bring me went to 'bazar Ramadhan'. There, it have many variety of foods. It will attract me to buy many food that I like. My dad will buy any food that I want. It is different during the day in other month.

During that time, I like to eat 'roti john'. Everyday my dad will buy it for me. But, today I was unimpressed by it anymore.